Intention and Attention

It was a bright, Full Moon last night and the rituals and ceremonies of “ancient time” filled my head and heart.  We know that the moon affects many things on Earth, specifically the tide.  The human body is comprised of at least 60% water… so it only makes sense that the moon would affect our internal tide as well.  Many times our thoughts an emotions are riding the wave of this high tide.  I say ride it and celebrate!

The New Moon is traditionally for making wishes and setting your attention for the intentions you would like for the month.  Think of it this way, the moon has waned enough to a dark moon, and therefore is has room to build and increase in light and energy.  So we make our wishes when there is room for that energy to increase.  The Full Moon is when the light is bright, and this reflects the energy increase also within us,  and so we celebrate what we have intended for our life–back on the New Moon.  So, last night I celebrated all the beautiful things I intended for this month. It is truly mind blowing to see the workings of all the wishes and thoughts I manifest appear before my eyes.
Pay attention to what you intend! 🙂

This is important: “Where the mind goes, energy follows”  
Where are you putting your attention these days?  Everything is led by mind, based on mind, fashioned by mind.   First come the thoughts and then the action follows.  It is almost impossible to have a different action from what our thoughts really believe.  So! What are you thinking and intending for your life?
Do you believe good thoughts some of the time or most of the time?  Is positive thinking a good thing only in theory??  If this is the case… stop what you are doing right now, and notice your pattern of thought so that you can wake up out of them.  The key to transforming your life is by noticing your habitual pattern of thinking and changing them.  Do not become a slave to these old patterns!  You can create newones in a minute and a half! 

Jill Bolte Taylor, the scientist and author who wrote “Stroke of Insight” tells us that when emotion arises, it takes about a minute and a half, after that you need thoughts to keep the emotion going.  This means that we make up thoughts to keep the emotions stuck within us to satisfy our ego and keep us distant from others.   A minute and a half only?!!  What the heck are we doing holding grudges and creating stuck thought patterns based on a emotion that only needs to be truly felt for a minute and a half?  I believe the magic comes after that minute and a half, when we choose to think differenly and create new neuro-pathways in our mind.  ” Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

Step out of the stories that keep you stuck in your old patterns of thinking, and instead choose to love the truth of clear and open hearted intentions.  You will feel more at home within yourelf.  Would you rather be right or feel happy?  Your attention will then lead to loving intentions that you intend on the New Moon and celebrate happily on the Full Moon.

We all need reasons to celebrate!  I celebrate daily, but the Full Moon gives me a time to see in action what I have intended with my thoughts and heart.

“We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.”
~Anais Nin~

In Joy Today!


Are you celebrating? Are you dancing?

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