Native American Sage Tea

With the season so heavily pointing to fall, and the weather suddenly shifting to cold… I find my body shifting and changing also.  This is when we should congratulate our bodies for working, rather than getting upset for “getting sick.” As a great teacher of mine used to say whenever I felt “off”, “lean into the feeling, and then find the medicine within you...

Lighten Up

On the path of holistic discovery, there are many inspiring tools I have picked up, placed in my bag-o-tricks  and enjoyed trying on and practicing to enhance my life.  This particular exercise was passed on by a goddess pioneer named Carol Hansen Grey back in 1993…. 1993?!  When I learned it, I asked “Where has this been all my life”?  Well, it’s...

Like Attracts Like

It is Fall and I am inspired!  As the tree leaves turn colors and fall to the Earth, the colorful inspiration in my heart rises and I look for ways to express what I feel.  It is said that “like energy attracts like energy”, so if I were to practice this feeling then how would my day look? In other words, what would I send out to the world that I could feel as I was sending it? ...

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