Like Attracts Like

It is Fall and I am inspired!  As the tree leaves turn colors and fall to the Earth, the colorful inspiration in my heart rises and I look for ways to express what I feel.  It is said that “like energy attracts like energy”, so if I were to practice this feeling then how would my day look?

In other words, what would I send out to the world that I could feel as I was sending it?  This begs the question “do we even need to wait for a return from what we send out?”
In my opinion, the answer is firmly “no.”  The return is felt in and through the giving.
However, we can recognize the universal law that honors energetic cycles… which is to say, “that which you send out ALWAYS returns to you.” (Every time!)

Just as Earth expects and calls on the falling leaves to continue a cycle, our hearts call to us the energy we send out.

So, to rejoice today… I am sitting with a warm cup of tea and looking at a recipe that a dear friend sent me this morning to simply warm my heart. (And warming it is).
The recipe: “Cashew Chai Tea”
(Thank you dear, Julie)*

I drove to the store promptly after receiving the recipe for this chai to try out the new flavors. I have learned in life not to wait for healing pleasure. My motto is: “Create it or make it now!!”  Luckily I was only in need of some spices, and I also wanted to try it out with coconut milk. 😉  Always keep your options open.

Around the corner from the store I spotted a car that had a parking ticket on the dashboard.  My face scrunched in that way it does when I can empathize with a situation. “Grrr” (as my grandmother often says) is most likely how the owner of that car will feel when they see the ticket.
So, instead of driving past… I decided it would be a fun adventure to stick the $50 bill I had just received from a session in the envelope that held the parking ticket.  On the bill I wrote, “Blessed with Luck!”

Later, I danced through the isles of the store getting my ingredients that would further warm my heart.  I sat in the awareness that I felt happy in my soul… not in the future of the chai tea or the past of paying someone’s parking ticket.  But, in the present bliss of knowing love is exponentially growing all around us just by doing things that make us happy.  I do not know how that $50 returns to me, nor do I count on it or care.  I do however, know that the love I felt from sharing it filled my heart more than any bank account or $50 would.  I am richer from feeling this, and I am whole and inspired by living it.
Perhaps tomorrow I will just give of my services, but today this felt abundantly healing.

Go inward to your warmth, and reach out with what inspires you.
Here, you will find your best medicine.

With Love and Warm Chai,


Go ahead, warm your day further.  You have permission.

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