Lighten Up

On the path of holistic discovery, there are many inspiring tools I have picked up, placed in my bag-o-tricks  and enjoyed trying on and practicing to enhance my life.  This particular exercise was passed on by a goddess pioneer named Carol Hansen Grey back in 1993…. 1993?!  When I learned it, I asked “Where has this been all my life”?  Well, it’s here right now, and time is relative when it comes to great wisdom.  Use it joyfully, and please pass it on.  I firmly believe that when we receive wisdom that allows us to stretch, evolve and be even greater than we were, it is our duty to pass it on! 🙂

THIS ONE blows me away and works when practiced consistently (the magic to this is consistency).  If it feels uncomfortable or odd at first, then please stretch your mind, and know that it is only because many of us have been programmed to think poorly about our bodies.  Please stop what you are doing right now.   Take a deep breath, and surrender to a more positive way of thinking.  Just do it.  Your true self knows how good it feels, and I can say this has changed the way I feel about my body (inside and out) entirely!

Practice Makes Us See Perfectly:
First Step – Facing Yourself:  First thing in the morning or whenever the time is available, take off all of your  clothes (yes, all of them… no cheating allowed 😉 and take a good look in the mirror.  You will obviously want this time to be with just yourself as to not have other distractions.  Next, go through every body part one by one, starting with your head and moving down to your feet (don’t forget your backside), and tell each body part how beautiful it is and how grateful you are for what it does for you.  For example, “I love you arms, you are so beautiful and graceful and you help me do so many things throughout the day.”  Say whatever resonates best for you; only you will know what your body does for you.  Remember you are affirming to your body what you want to love, so even if you don’t love it right now, you are affirming that you do.  Affirmations are powerful and they become living energy when practiced with conviction and feeling.  So, breathe into what you are saying, and feel it with conviction.  Trust me, you will get there. We are all getting there together.

(You will only have to do this once, and it will take the longest amount of time… but, it is essential to the process).  Much like a computer, this exercise will reboot the way the mind thinks and appreciates the body.  New neuropathways in the brain will be created, and the magic of the process will begin.  Don’t leave this step out!

Second Step (This literally takes 5 minutes a day):
Once, you’ve done the first step, you won’t need to do it again unless you stop the practice and need to start over again.  I recommend you just stick with it. 😉

Take any lotion you use daily, and you will be using loving affirmations while you apply your lotion.  It’s that simple, but must be done daily as your regular routine. Did you read the part where I said, “It must be done daily”??

Yep, it’s that simple…just apply lotion.  For most of us, this is easy because we apply lotion a lot.  Just apply the lotion to each body part and say loving and affirming things like, “I love you, knees; you serve me so well in walking and running and doing all the things I love, like dancing.”  You do not need to be staring into a mirror for this second step, just the affirmations and the lotion will suffice.  If you are in a hurry or do not like using lotion for this, you can use the liquid soap in the shower to do the same thing.  Please make sure you go to each body part and feel the conviction of what you are saying.  It’s not enough to just rush through the process and not feel it.  I use my shampoo for my hair to do the same thing.  That’s it!  Just do this 5 minutes a day as part of your regular routine.  I’m pretty sure this costs close to nothing and is priceless in its action!

In time, you will see a huge difference in how you see your body and you will also notice that your body morphs and changes to what is the most healthy for you.  If you need to lose weight, you will lose weight.  If you need to gain, you may gain.  It’s set up to give you the healthiest results. This is IDEAL!  Carol Hansen Grey, the pioneer who started this, didn’t change anything else and lost 20 pounds and also discovered her blood pressure and cholesterol lowered significantly.  She also noticed that she craved healthier foods and was drawn less to heavier foods and even coffee.  If you like coffee, this doesn’t mean you have to give it up… remember this should be joyful and you will just effortlessly release what is no longer useful for you. Magic!

I noticed a change in my attitude about my body immediately.  I noticed that I didn’t mind walking around naked anymore, and that I was proud of the body I chose.  Suddenly, I was appreciating other people’s bodies also and recognizing how beautiful everyone looked around me. Interestingly, I observed they smiled back at me also.  Much like Carol, I was drawn to healthier food and found that I got great pleasure from eating and laughing with people over food.  Food took on a different color, and eating became a new adventure.  I was also more aware of what my body did for me.  I became so very grateful for each body part and almost overnight–well, more like a month, but who’s counting?–my eyes saw a different body in front of the mirror.  I am happier, I have better posture, I am kinder; I have lost 7 pounds from just consistently doing this exercise… but to me, it was more about how I felt in my own skin!  YIPPEE!  I loved the girl staring back at me.  Nothing was impossible once I linked the light of my soul with the light of my body.  We are all light beings, and we deserve to see that in ourselves and in the mirror of each other.

Lighten up, my friends, and embrace your beauty!  You are worth it, and we all see it!

With Endless Love and Appreciation,

(Don’t waste another minute feeling heavy.)

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