Native American Sage Tea

With the season so heavily pointing to fall, and the weather suddenly shifting to cold… I find my body shifting and changing also.  This is when we should congratulate our bodies for working, rather than getting upset for “getting sick.” As a great teacher of mine used to say whenever I felt “off”, “lean into the feeling, and then find the medicine within you to cure it.”  After all, we are our best medicine!

I woke up today with a slight tingling in my throat and when I swallowed it felt a bit sore.  So, I leaned straight into the “congratulations body!” a bit begrudgingly at first, but then I remembered that I have the power to change how I feel.

One of my favorite remedies for the mouth or throat is the herb, Sage.  I had some growing outside, and we had just brought it in from the cold to dry.  I took a handful of the drying sage, warmed up some water for tea, and placed a heaping teaspoon of raw honey in the mug I would use for the tea.  This instantly warmed my mouth and I sighed from just the feeling of the warmth going down my throat and eventually to my stomach.  I closed my eyes and truly thanked by body for showing me what to focus on for healing today.  Just like magic, the warm cup and the beautiful thoughts lifted my spirits and suddenly the sore throat was no longer crying out.  It would be gone fully in an hour.

Try it for yourself!  It’s a wonderful remedy I learned from a Native American teacher.  She used to use this for mouth and throat cancer also.

A large handful of fresh culinary Sage (organic is best!)
Boiling water, enough for a cup or 3 of tea (the hot water alone can kill bacteria)
1tsp-1 Tbsp of Raw Honey (antibacterial)

Directions: Heat water on stove to boiling point.  Place handful of sage in a warm mug.  Pour boiling water over sage and then stir in the honey.
Place a cover (like a lid or plate) over the mug to let the sage fully infuse into the water (about 3-5 minutes). No need to strain, but you may if you prefer.  Drink and allow the warmth to heal, as well as nurture your soul.

With Love and a Native American “Aho”,


Go on, use herbs.  It’s fun! 🙂

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