The Magic of Tithing


As the Holiday lights go up and the festive music starts playing… I can’t help but drift into a  state of Holiday bliss.  It’s almost impossible not to be swept up by the cheerful energy that surrounds you as you smell the sweet aroma of baked goods and see the colorful lights as everyone prepares for the festivities.

I can remember the giddiness and uncontrollable giggles that I felt as a child–without an ounce of patience–for Christmas Day which, ultimately, meant loads of gifts.  As I get older, I have started embracing that same giddiness by giving abundantly. That feeling of being a child and the heart-pounding excitement have returned even greater than before.  I  have decided to start a new tradition of prosperous giving.  It has forever changed my life! The best part: it takes almost no money… and it involves an adventure and true, childlike giddiness.  The act has yet to have a proper name put to it, but for the time being, I’ve been calling it, “Magical Tithing”!  Why? The rewards feel like magic!
STEP 1: Look in your purse (or couch) for any extra dollars. This could be a single dollar or maybe even a five-dollar bill (we usually spend that much on coffee anyway, so why not?).  You may ask, “What constitutes an “extra dollar”?  Most of us don’t feel we have these “extra dollars;” however, if you think about it, you usually have that extra dollar–or dollars–that are folded or scrunched into your wallet.  If you don’t have any extra dollars in your purse, then be brave a get a couple of dollars out of your account.  It will be worth it!
Step 2: Write an affirmation on your dollar(s).  I usually write it in pencil, so that it can be seen but erased if need be.  The affirmation will need to be one that is heartfelt and has energy behind it.  Essentially, you will be blessing another with what you would wish for yourself. This works well since we’re all extensions of each other.
Here are some examples:
“You attract large sums of money just for being you.”
“Money flows to and from you freely.”
“You are beautiful and prosperous.”
“You are rich in so many ways.”
“I believe in you.”
Be creative, and use whatever inspires you!
Step 3: Place the dollar(s) in between your palms and send it (them) love.  The key here is to start to shift the way we see money.  Instead of working for money, we are allowing the money to work with and for us.  Adding loving energy and intention transmutes a small piece of green paper into something much greater.  We can start to free our fear and death grip around money, and instead, start to open our hearts and hands to giving and receiving it freely.  To me, the exercise truly put a spin on my own perspective of money.  It made me realize just how much I had been attached to it, or tried to control it.

It’s simple, take a spare dollar and give it away to someone who may need to hear that affirmation.  Suddenly, that one dollar carries an energy with it… an energy of prosperity, versus fear. Poof, the magic!
Step 4: Stick tape on the back of the dollar/s.
Step 5: (My favorite part) Go to your nearest store or to a place that inspires you.   Stealthily, stick the dollar(s) on the back of whatever calls to you.  For instance, it can be placed on the back of a good book that you love.  You can place it on the back of your favorite cereal box.  Place it on the very item that you wish you could buy, or are asking for, for Christmas.  I even like to stick it in the produce isle on the back of my favorite fruits.   Mango’s are always fun!  Whatever you do, HAVE FUN, and try to avoid anyone seeing you.
Here’s the important part: It’s important not to look back after you place the dollars to see who discovered it.  The whole point is to give freely and stay unattached to the outcome. Give and receive freely!
Step 6: Walk away, and SMILE.  You are already receiving before you know if anyone got the dollars.  The excitement is in giving it.  You have already increased the quantum field of prosperity and abundant thinking by taking this action.
Step 7: See your life change prosperously!  Since I started doing this five years ago, I have yet to feel poor.  So many great rewards are felt and received from it.
*Note: There are other ways you can do this, of course, but I find this way works very well.  You can also choose to “pay it forward.”  For example, while in line for coffee, choose to pay for the whole line of people behind you (remember to keep yourself anonymous).  Another one I like to do is pay for someone’s parking ticket if you see it on their car.  Just take the parking ticket and send in the payment anonymously.  Other times, I give 10% of what I make each week–or month–to a PERSON that feeds me, whether emotionally or spiritually. This one is so fun and feels so great for both of you!
In a society where many of us grow up fearing money and what it represents, I think it’s high time we change that way of thinking.  Let’s start seeing money as empowering and overflowing.  We can have and be anything we want!  I grew up saying, “I don’t need any money!”  That was the product of seeing what it could do to some people. The truth is, we DO NEED money… and I have truly enjoyed spreading love everywhere money flows. Try it, it might just change your life as well.
Since I started “Magically Tithing,” I have felt a new awareness around money.  I feel it has a positive energy around it now.  It just keeps on flowing, and I give and receive it lovingly.
When you give this Holiday Season, are you also truly receiving?
To a Prosperous Year~

*This idea was inspired after reading, “Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity” by: Edwene Gaines.  If you would like an incredible gift idea for yourself or others, this is one that will shift the way you view money and the world. 

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