Tips For Keeping Your Resolutions

At the start of every year, we all get so excited and “moved” to begin a new program, begin a regimen, or to just better our lives with goals/resolutions.  We usually all start off with great motivation and excitement for these new plans, and then after some months, we sometimes find that our motivation has waned.  Here are some tips that I thought I’d share to help you in keeping true to your resolutions.

1.) Keep your resolutions aligned with your values. I highly recommend writing down your top 5 values (what you value most in your life), for example, Family, Health, Spirit, Helping others, Honesty.  We are more likely to follow through on the goals or resolutions that are aligned with our value system, because we remain passionate about what we value most.  Check out your resolution list, and see if it matches your values.

2.) Be Specific. Write down, specifically, what you would like rather than generalizing.  For example, “I am going to Pilates 3 days a week, and I am substituting water for soda,” rather than, “I will lose weight.”  Neither the Universe nor anyone else can know what we really want unless we are specific with our desires.  Our mind has no choice but to picture and create our desired outcome when we specify this way.
Try it: Speak the first goal I wrote out loud, and watch how the mind jumps to visualize it.
(As a special note: You will bring to yourself only the things you trulv believe you are worthy of receiving.  So, please remember that you are always worth your dreams–all of them–regardless of what has come before or what will come after.)

3.) Narrow it Down. Narrow down your resolutions to your top 3!  We sometimes get carried away with all the new things to change, and when we finally look at our list, there may be 52 items!  Hence,  you are left feeling overwhelmed and almost discouraged before you begin. So, choose the top 3 resolutions (that align with your values and are specific), and place all of your energy into seeing those through.  Our mind is sometimes like a 3 year-old child, so we must give it some designed focus in order for it to stay in the game.  You might be pleasantly surprised that other things on your list get accomplished by default just by staying focused on the top 3!  Funny how life works out that way!

4.) Keep it Positive. Write your resolutions/goals in a positive light by not using negative word statements. For example: “I AM CHOOSING healthier foods like dark greens,” rather than, “I AM NOT going to eat junk food.”  Research has confirmed that our minds and bodies respond to all thoughts or words we feed them.  In fact, our brains, which function much like a computer, are incapable of “programming” negative terms.  Therefore, our example of, I am NOT going to eat junk food” is programmed as “I AM going to eat junk food.”

5.) Tangible Technique (Temporal Tapping) Sometimes we need a little something tangible to assist the goal along.  Here is a great “Energy Therapy” technique that I use with many of my clients (and myself) in helping with goals.  The technique simply “taps” into our psyche and our nervous system.

Step 1: BREATHE (this clears the mind temporarily of expectation and addiction).

Step 2: Temporal Tapping Sequence: Tap the right side of the head (starting at your temple) around the ear, from the front to the back, with the three middle fingers of your right hand.

Step 3: Tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce. Tap from front to back about five times repeating a positive statement, such as, “I eat healthily; I choose wisely what I eat” with each pass.

Repeat this procedure several times per day. The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect on your nervous system.  You create new neuro-pathways in the brain each time you affirm this, making your resolve stronger.

Quick note: I have found that this works wonders right before going to the grocery store, where cravings sneak up the most.  For individuals with strong cravings to sweets, I use this technique in conjunction with stirring 1 tsp of baking soda into 5 ounces of water and swishing in the mouth (please don’t drink it!), and then spitting it out.  For some reason, the alkalizing effect of the baking soda calms the craving.

Please remember that when we “get rid” of things in our life…even if they are not useful to us, we sometimes feel deprived or in lack simply by default.  In order to free our minds of this feeling, I usually recommend substituting something for everything we “take away.”  For example, “I am substituting white tea for the caffeinated black tea;” or “I am giving up refined sugar and adding more sweetness from dear friends in my life.”

Long and short, enjoy and celebrate this precious life!!  Try to think about what will really matter in those last few moments left on earth… this might give you a better idea about  what means the most to you.  You might notice your goals for a year turn into goals for life!  As you focus on what you might release physically, I’d also invite you to think about what you’d like to add emotionally to your life, as well.

Resolutions should never be something you dread, but rather, something deliciously exciting that you know you can master simply because they’re aligned with who you genuinely know you can be.

With Love and Empowerment,


  1. Karen Bernhard says:

    I love these ideas. Thanks for the suggestions.

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