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Through this Calm Body Clear Mind: 5 Simple Steps to Decrease Your Stress & Increase Your Joy FREE “Life Accelerator” you’ll learn:

  • Ways you can be free in your home and work environment simply by letting go
  • The value of an “alkalized” body, and how adding simple foods to your diet can decrease your stress levels in ways you’d never have imagined
  • How you can change your exercise all together to something you actually love to do, that will not only stretch your body, but also your mind and soul. (Great news!  It might require less time than you think ) 🙂
  • How adding joy-filled activities to your life will not only decrease your stress, but increase your vitality
  • Finally you’ll discover ways to shower and bathe which will not only cleanse physically, but soothe emotionally, bringing you back to that sweet calm, and you’ll discover herbs you can take which will help you relax in a safer, more effective way than most pharmaceutical products…and yes, they are all federally legal to use in most countries including the U.S.. 😉

For over a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of people on improving their lives and their health.  As a Clinical Nutritionist, an accomplished Reiki Master, a highly trained Holistic Health Practitioner, and the voice of (one of the fastest growingmost respected, holistic health sources online), I’ve taken my years of training and research and put them into an easy strategy that can drastically change both your personal and environmental stress levels for the better!

According to a Gallup poll, in an article written by Daniel J. DeNoon for WebMD, nearly 40% of Americans surveyed claim to feel frequent stress, while another nearly 40% feel some stress.  That would mean that nearly 80% of Americans are suffering from effects of some form of stress in their lives.  In these 5 simple steps I’ll guide you through you’ll be able to start taking actions that will make an immediate difference in your life.

The 2 or 3 sessions with a trained practitioner to get this information would likely cost you about $300.00.  I’ve removed that time and EXPENSE for you because I want you to be able to start decreasing your stress and increasing your joy now.  I’ve also included my email support for as long as you want it.

Living your life from a sense of freedom isn’t always easy.  I’ve seen clients who have struggled with it for years.  But what I discovered in working with them is with the proper guidancesupport, and direction, that world opens up and leaves them feeling light and free.  That’s why, in addition to this FREE digital Life Accelerator, I’m also including my email guidance and support to you.  I’m committed that these 5 simple steps can form a strong and lasting impression in your life, leaving you feeling calmer and your thoughts more clear.  YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

You have lived with the pain and discomfort from stress for long enough.  It’s time to start feeling good again.  DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!




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