“Christy Marsh is an expert in the field of nutrition. Christy is a former employee of the Jay Robb Corporation and she and I worked together on many nutrition projects. Her knowledge and insights on health and nutrition are very, very impressive. Christy Marsh is the real deal, and is in fantastic shape, because she truly walks her talk!”
– Jay Robb, Clinical Nutritionist, author of the FRUIT FLUSH™

Christy never ceases to amaze me with her wealth of knowledge in the field of holistic health. When I have a question regarding my health and well-being (or health of a loved one) I make sure to ask Christy. She gives me the simplest, most natural and reassuring insight each and every time I seek her advice. Her wide array of talents, knowledge and experience, combined with her incredible compassion and sense of humor will certainly transform anyone to lead a much healthier, happier, and inspirational life.
– Aysun Tezveren. 
Del Mar, CA

I cannot fully describe the incredible impact that working with Christy has had on my life. It has been a truly wonderful experience that has left me both healthier and happier.
When I first contacted Christy, my primary concern was my weight, which had been steadily increasing as a got older and was definitely gaining momentum. What I received from the experience was much more than weight loss, although, I got that too. I now eat a much more balanced diet that has helped me to overcome chronic fatigue issues and better manage my emotional well-being. I am also much more in touch with my body and with my food, which has only increased my eating enjoyment.
Throughout the process, Christy was supportive, understanding and positive. I have never had much success with diets and I thought I would hate the process. I was convinced that I would fail, before I had even begun. Christy help me realize that nutrition is not about being good or bad, deprivation or indulgence, succeeding or failing. It is about feeding the body and the soul what they need. Instead of dreading them, I would look forward to our appointments because they were so enjoyable. Christy gently led me to a new way of eating and living, while feeding me with her strength and joyful energy. I never felt like I was being deprived of the food I enjoy. There was never any guilt or punishment.
I whole-heartedly recommend Christy Marsh to anyone looking to improve their lives and themselves. She is one in a million and I feel privileged to know her.
– Gwen Porter. Carlsbad, CA

I have had several years of health challenges; and after one session with Christy Russell I knew I had gone to the perfect person I needed to in order to change my life. Christy Russell offers several modalities in order to assess specialized nutritional needs for each person. She is very clear about what may be holding you back and offers a methodical concise plan that is required in order to heal your life. What impressed me the most about my session with Christy Russell was her profound insight. Her dedication in designing a personalized program that would provide the very best results is a testimony to her dedication and passion for the service she provides. I would recommend Christy Russell to anyone that has nutritional and medical problems. She can provide the service and it is up to the recipient to work through their challenges through a plan designed uniquely from someone who is a highly trained professional.
– Ranae Wulff, President, Chronic Pain Resource

I initially visited Christy for basic nutrition consultations. She quickly assessed my body type and helped to fine tune my diet and supplement program. In these sessions Christy would sometimes administer Reiki as well as EFT, through which, along with discussion, we ended up addressing deeper life issues. It quickly became clear to me that Christy has a special gift. Through her intuitive connection to my inner self she was able to provide me with tangible guidance and comfort. I always feel good during and after these sessions and know they have impacted my life in a meaningful way. I have three other friends who have also experienced profound growth through Christy’s healing. I am forever grateful I met her and have her on my team.

– Matt Brand, La Jolla, CA

Christy is absolutely amazing!! There are no words to truly describe how special she is, and in how many ways she has touched my life. She has an unbelievable gift that I noticed the first time I met her. Since then, she has made such a beautiful impact on my life, as well as on the lives of many friends and loved ones who were also destined to be in her radiant presence. I am so grateful to her, inspired by her, and love her more than she knows. Thank you Christy from the deepest part of my heart for everything!

– Jenny Geyser. La Jolla, CA.

I originally went to see Christy primarily for nutrition with hopes that she could maybe help me with physical pain and weird symptoms that I was experiencing from a head injury. At the time, I was frustrated with western medicine, beginning to lose hope of ever recovering, and terrified that I would gain weight from not being able to exercise. After our first session, Christy’s amazing gift gave me an overwhelming sense of security, optimism, and hope. Through the process of healing my physical ailments, we tackled many emotional and psychological issues that were holding me back in many areas. I am extremely grateful that I have met Christy; she has changed my life forever, leading me down a path to life satisfaction and self-love.

– Alisha Randall. La Jolla, CA

I see Angels everyday…they are the ones holding your hand, wiping your tears, listening, loving, and sincerely interested in connecting. Most connect with us one by one, but there are some, whose hearts of light touch all of us at once. For me, Christy Marsh is one such being. She is an example of hope, strength, and beauty. She gives openly, authentically, and always with a smile. She is empowering, as she will hold you accountable for the manifestation of your dreams, and she will celebrate with you when you achieve them. I am honored and excited to know she is part of my life. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

-Darshana Atman. Director of the Center for Connection, San Diego

Ms. Christy Marsh is an extraordinary woman, she is an inspiration to me and the Holistic Healing Community.
Whoever meets Christy can most certainly be touched by her empowering knowledge, elegance and beauty. She has a passion in many areas; such as Holistic Health, naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Dance, and a love for the study of foods around the world.
She is most in her habitat when she is teaching and sharing of all the experiences she has had in cooking with different spices and creating new recipes.
She has been an excellent role model to many of her students, clients, and friends; her sweet compassion ads light to anything she says and does. As a facilitator, she has helped me transform my life style in awakening my creativity by embracing a more healthy way of eating and a love for the new!!
Christy is an artist, she can take anything and create a master piece out of it.
With Love~
– Estela P. Gallardo H.H.P. San Diego, CA

Christy has been one of my closest and dearest friends for many years. Recently I needed her assistance on a professional level. She responded quickly and completely to all my questions. My situation is a little different; it involved my four-year-old daughter. Although dealing with young children is not her area of expertise Christy took the time to research and get the right answers. After all this she even called me to follow up and make sure I understood everything and to see how things were going. Christy has always been a blessing in my life and I know that she is a blessing to anyone she touches with her work as well as her friendship.

– Tracy Henrikson. O’Fallon, MO


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